We operate in the field of recovery and processing of any type rubber waste. We utilize such wastes to produce rubber granules that are used to build surfaces in sport facilities and children playgrounds. Most suitable for this purpose is black or grey rubber based on EPDM or SBR, without any metal inserts and cords, but we also accept not vulcanized wastes and then we vulcanize them at own effort.

Waste group Codes acc. to Waste Classification
Wastes from production, preparation, trade and use of plastics, rubbers and synthetic fibers. 07 02 80 - Wastes from rubber industry and rubber production
07 02 99 - Other not specified wastes
Wrecked or not suitable for use vehicles (including out-of-road machines), wastes from vehicle disassembly, inspection and maintenance. 16 01 03 - Worn tires
16 01 22 - Other not specified elements
16 01 99 - Other not specified wastes
Odpady z mechanicznej obróbki odpadów (np. obróbki ręcznej, sortowania, zgniatania, granulowania) nie ujęte w innych grupach. 19 12 04 – Plastics and rubber

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In 2005 we made agreement with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management for co-financing complete line for rubber waste processing from European Union means. The project was launched in 2007. Since that time, Unirubber has processed over 30.000 tons of rubber wastes.

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