Unirubber Sp. z o. o.

Zielonka 17
59-940 Węgliniec

Tax ID: 9510024895
Company ID: 011566463
KRS: 0000147719

District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna
IX Division of NCR
Share capital: 2 111 364 zł
Account Number [PLN]: BRE BANK SA o / Wroclaw 71114011400000289321001001


Tel. +48 75 772 10 00
Fax. +48 75 771 26 67


Commercial Director
Mr. Michał Rembiszewski
Tel.: +48 75 77 210 01
Mobile: +48 514 751 425

Deputy Commercial Director
Mr. Paweł Bielański
Tel.: +48 75 77 210 04
Mobile: +48 501 250 531


Chief Manager
Mr. Marek Płonka
Purchase of rubber waste
Tel: +48 75 77 210 25
Tel. Kom.: +48 501 665 743


Chief Manager
Mr. Ireneusz Łaskarzewski
Tel: +48 75 77 210 31
Tel. Kom.: +48 501 335 778

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