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Recycled flame-retardant EPDM granules

FLAME RETARDANT EPDM RECYCLED GRANULATE was created to improve safety on sports fields.

Compliance with the requirements acc. PN-EN 13501-1:2019: the material meets the requirements for flooring materials class Cfl – s1

Material is considered to meet requirement for hardly ignitable in compliance with polish regulations (Dz.U [Journal ofLaws] from 2002. No. 75. item 690. as amended).

  • optain from used rubber products with highest quality, physical and mechanical
  • properties similar to EPDM Virgin
  • good resistance to abrasion, effects of temperature and UV radiation
  • excellent elasticity
  • offered in: black
EPDM Recycled Retardant Granules
Application Infill granule for artificial (synthetic) turf on indoor and outdoor playing fields.
Type of material Scrap based on different types of rubber (EPDM) from a defined Automotive supplier
Color Black
Grain size* 0,5 – 2,5 mm
Physical and chemical properties: Value Unit Standard
Bulk density < 600 g/dm3 PN-EN ISO 60
Sieve analysis:
Granules below 0,5 mm Max 1,0 % PN-ISO 2591-1
Granules above 2,5 mm Max 5,0 % PN-ISO 2591-1
Textile impurities Max 1,0 %  
Shape Mixture of different size, cubical particles.
Packaging PE valve sacks 25 kg each or big bags 1000 kg placed on a wooden pallet of dimension of 100x120cm.
Flammability Flammability class Cfl – s1


  • infill – filling for artifical turfs 0,5-2,5 mm

Available fraction:

  • 0.5-2.5mm

Available color:

  • Black

Conformity assessment refers to the arithmetic mean of the results obtained during tests. The uncertainty of measurement is not taken info account when determining compliance. Decision-making bodies may apply a decision-making principle other than the one adopted above, which may affect the result of the statement of compliance.