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Unirubber Horse Flooring

Healthy training and effective progress require an optimal riding surface. Choose a sand-footing mix ‘Made in Germany’. Unirubber Horse Flooring supports horse and rider with the perfect balance between surface elasticity and stability. Spine, tendons and joints are effectively cushioned – even under the heavy strains caused by movement.


The combination of sand and Unirubber Horse Footing creates a long-lasting riding surface with the greatest elasticity and stability. The fibrous structure and sand grains complement one another perfectly, are the foundation for strong trainings and ensure that horses are completely sure-footed. Unirubber horse footing is milled into the already available sand and serves as a central elastic layer.




Unirubber horse flooring made by Melos GmbH
* The Seller informs that the photographs presenting the offered systems are for reference only. The actual appearance, in particular the color, structure and material usage parameters may differ from the one presented in the pictures.