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Artificial turf - SYNLawn

Artificial turf - SYNLawn

Unirubber introduces the SYNLawn artificial turf system from the USA, where it has been produced and developed for over 45 years. Many years of experience of SYNLawn artificial turf producer allows us to provide you the highest quality products. Apart from artificial turf, we also offer rubber granulate, which is ideal for building safe rubber paths. The combination of these products will allow you to creatively, safely and economically create commercial spaces, safe playgrounds as well as private comfortable recreation areas.

Artificial turf - SYNLawn for commercial use

The SYNLawn artificial turf system is used in creative arrangements of commercial spaces, both exterior and interior, meeting the Bfl-s1 flammability standards.

The low weight of the system makes it ideal for projects on building roofs.

Artificial turf can also be used to build a golf course, relaxation zone or winter garden.

Artificial turf - SYNLawn for private use

The SYNLawn artificial turf system can also be used for private space arrangements, such as a home garden, terrace or even balcony. Surprise your friends and design and then easily install the artificial turf on your private property.   

Artificial turf is great for playing even after it rains, no earth is no mud. SYNLawn is environmentally friendly, safe and anti-allergic. Your animals will also love artificial turf.

Artificial turf systems can also be used to build a home golf course. The Shot Stopper technology, which absorbs the energy of the golf ball, allows you to practise your own shots like on a real golf course.

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