Colorful top layer is composed of EPDM granules mixed with polyurethane adhesive. Basic elements of the structure, which includes the base, are:

  • Top layer - external, colorful coating with high durability, resistance to water, high and low temperature and UV radiation, thus regardless atmospheric conditions it maintains its original structure and high quality and may be used all year round. Additionally,  the external coating make the surface anti-slippery, therefore safe for its users. Top layer made of EPDM granules is not only attractive and esthetic, but also fully friendly to environment.
  • Base – elastic layer with thickness suitable for the ground function
  • Stable substrate - most common materials used to build substrate are: stone, gravel or debris.

Depending on final use, three main methods for construction of the top layer are distinguished.


EPDM granules mixed previously with adhesive are poured onto prepared SBR-granules base layer; This method allows exact and safe enclosing for any embedded devices, like poles, seesaws, slides, etc.. Using different colors, it is possible to make various patterns and images. It is also possible to cover this way wavy and irregular areas.


Top layer is made by spraying. EPDM granules with small fraction (0.5-1.5 mm) together with polyurethane adhesive are applied using special spaying system onto the SBR-granules base layer or onto an existing coating (this is known as retopping).


Surface is made using prefabricated floor tiles that combine base and top layers. This requires careful ground preparation, so that the boards lie flat and evenly, and also careful work out at board joints and embedded device locations.


MULCH  EPDM  is a completely new product. It’s granules have the form of irregular rubber threads of different shape and length very similar to bark mulch and wood chips used in decorating gardens. The EPDM Mulch surfaces offer great safety, they are economical, stable, environmentally friendly and have a very aesthetic look. These surfaces offer a 100% drainage and are very hygienic giving fungus and bacteria no chance.